Hello Everyone!


This is a page dedicated to the 2nd and 3rd grade class at The Lab School for Creative Learning, and their work in art. For the semester, art will be taught by three art education students (Melanie, Kirsten, and Hannah) from Colorado State University. We look forward to observing our students learning, and experiencing our own.

Here’s a little something more about each of us…

Hello! My name is Melanie Reis and I am currently a senior studying art education at Colorado State University. I enjoy working in the two-dimensional realm of art with drawing and painting, but love to learn as many new techniques and styles that I can as I continue to explore in my studio classes. As far as how I picked up my passion for teaching, I began by coaching gymnastics after being a gymnast myself for ten years. It was so natural for me since I went through that training myself and then was able to help kids go through this experience too, finding that I could easily relate to the students even outside of a likeness for the sport of gymnastics. This blending of two passions was then translated into my decision to pursue a career as an art educator, combining my joy for kids and art. You would think that once you took on the role of teacher the learning would only be done by your students, but I’ve come to discover that this is hardly the case, and that more often than not the teacher is the one who learns the most from the students themselves! I love this idea of sharing the wonders of learning in the classroom and hope that my future classroom can be more focused on a student-centered environment, where the kids are learning from their mistakes and making crucial connections between the work that they’re doing in school and the things that they see in the world around them on a daily basis! Overall I look forward to seeing what wonderful imaginations Tamara’s 2nd and 3rd graders have and how they translate this into their artwork!

Hi! My name is Hannah Steiner. I’m originally a Mid-Westerner who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and just recently moved  to Colorado. I attend Colorado State University  and am double majoring in a BFA in Sculpture and a BA in Art Education. My love for art and children are one in the same and what better career to pursue than to become an art teacher? I’ve been working with children for seven plus years now by coaching gymnastics. I currently coach at a local gym here in Fort Collins called GK Gymplex. I firmly believe knowledge is power and creating art is a developmental growth process of obtaining a better understanding of oneself. Needless to say, I am very excited to work with Tamara’s students this semester and encourage them to learn, explore and create. When I’m not studying or coaching, I love to go on a good adventure with my dog, Vincent, and of course I can’t pass up a good breakfast burrito.

Hello! My name is Kirsten Gotaas. I came to Colorado at the age of five, and grew up in the tiny mountain town of Pine, which turned me into a lover of the outdoors; camping, rock climbing, skiing, and hiking with my two quirky dogs. I am a returning student to Colorado State University. My first degree is a BA in Political Science, with a minor concentration in Sociology. I’m back to earn my BA in Sociology, as well as earn my BA in Art Education. I’ve always known my passions in life were for art and people, and it’s been a long journey of self-discovery for me to figure out my true path. It was in volunteering for T.R. Paul Elementary that I discovered a great interest in teaching, and could never imagine a better way to combine my two passions in life. And, through my travels around the world; from our homeland here, to the Caribbean and into China and Europe, I discovered the true value of learning from others. Just as in those travels, I can’t wait to learn about and from Tamara’s 2nd and 3rd grade class. I’m excited to help them grow, and learn and see what their imaginations can create!